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Berjaya Sewerage Services Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in March 1996 to provide services to the local waste management industry in compliance with the statutory sewerage treatment plant management and environmental authority requirements and grease traps. The company is strategically located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor and has continued to expand and grow ever since its formation. It is now functions as an Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Services provider of sewerage industries at commercial building / shopping malls in Malaysia.

The prime focus and specialization of the company is providing Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services in the Sewerage Waste Management, Sewerage Plant schedule maintenance, grease trap and interceptor tanks schedule maintenance, the grease traps’ inlet and outlet pipeline services by schedule, manhole pipeline servicing by schedule. Dosing the enzyme, taking over the monthly maintenance of the Sewerage Treatment Plant at factories, industrial place, condominiums, buildings and malls, upgrading the system, repair the pumps and blower control panels and float switch are also provided by us. Apart from these, we also provide desludging services, replace the valves, pipes and diffuser. We also provide monthly maintenance to keep the Sewerage Plant Process functions accordingly to the standard of DOE (Alam Sekitar). We provide an efficient result approved by labs.

We provide civil, electrical and mechanical engineering modification services. We also specialize in the supply and upgrading installation of sewerage industry related to products, components stated in the below disclosed Business Description.

The success of Berjaya Sewerage Services Sdn. Bhd. truly reflects the leadership, capability and entrepreneurial qualities of the company’s Managing Director Mr. Murugan who is also the founder of this company. The management team of this company is totally committed towards the business and also customer service. This team comprises of staffs with more than 24 years of experience in engineering designs, refurbishment, resource planning, operational implementation, supervision and problems resolution. Besides this our teams also consist of well-qualified and experienced technicians and operators who perform their jobs above expectation. The management takes pride as a One-Stop O&M Service Provider for sewerage and grease traps industry comprising the related scope of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering capabilities. 


  • To provide excellence in quality and service with our highly experience team.

  • To ensure our employees working environment is safe and secure.

  • To fulfill our corporate responsibility to the community.

  • To ensure that our services follows the DOE principles implemented by the government


  • To be the best Operation and Maintenance service for the sewerage and grease traps treatment plant. 

  • To continually earn the loyalty of our clients by offering the highest possible quality in service that enhances safety, productivity and profitability for our clients.

About Us

Dr Nelson Murugan

Founder and Chairman of Berjaya Sewerage Services Sdn Bhd


Early Life

Dr Nelson Murugan was born on December 4th, 1963, in Sungai Siput, Perak. His family was involved in the rubber plantation business.


After finishing Tamil primary school, SK Tun Sambanthan, he furthered his studies at SMK Dato Haji Abdul Wahad, where he failed his SRP (equivalent to today’s PMR) test 3 times.


Later, he co-founded Institute Technology Central with a former teacher to encourage underperforming students to develop basic engineering skills.

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